This page gathers some information to help you travel to the conference site. It will be updated with new information when available.

Update: The train schedule has been updated. It is now possible to consult official train schedules, buy tickets, and reserve seats on web-sites such as

Update: Information about the location of the lunches and the social events have been added.

Coming to Deauville

Deauville is situated in France, on the English channel, in the region of Normandy, at approximately 200 km west of Paris.

The recommended way to come to Deauville is first to go to Paris, Gare Saint-Lazare, and take the train to Trouville-Deauville (approximately 2h). These two steps are detailed below.

Other ways to come to Deauville include driving from Paris (approximately 2h), taking the ferry from Portsmouth, taking a plane to Deauville-St Gatien international airport (infrequent flights). More information is available on the official website of Deauville.

Coming to Paris Gare Saint-Lazare

Gare Saint-Lazare is a major train station in the western part of Paris. It is well connected to metro and suburban city lines, including RER E (Haussmann Saint-Lazare station, terminus of line E), Metro 14 (Saint-Lazare station, terminus of line 14), and Metro 13 (Saint-Lazare station, on line 13).

A map of the Parisian metro is available on the RATP site. Here is also a local copy (PDF).

When landing at Paris - Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) [CDG]

All the terminals are connected to the RER B suburban train. Simply follow the signs Paris by Train. Take the RER B towards Paris and change at Gare du Nord (30 to 35 mn). From Gare du Nord, walk through the underground connection to the adjacent Magenta station (there is no need to exit and reenter the subway system). At Magenta, take the RER E to Haussmann St-Lazare (5 mn, only one stop).

Alternatively, you can take the Roissybus, which connects the airport to Opéra (approx. 60 mn, best avoided in periods of high traffic). The bus stops at the corner of rue Scribe and rue Auber, at a short walking distance from Gare Saint-Lazare.

When landing at Paris - Orly (ORY) [Orly]

The Orlyval automatic train connects Orly to the Antony station. From Antony, take the RER B line towards Paris and change at Châtelet (35 mn). Take the Metro 14 metro line to Saint-Lazare (5 mn).

Alternatively, the Orlybus connects Orly to the Denfert Rochereau station (approx. 30 mn, best avoided in periods of high traffic) which is also on the RER B.

When coming to Paris by the Eurostar or another train [TGV]

The Eurostar stops at Gare du Nord. From there you can reach the Magenta metro station through an underground walkway and take the RER E to Haussmann Saint-Lazare.

Other Parisian train stations are also well-connected. You can reach Magenta and RER E from Gare de l'Est using an underground walkway. From Gare de Lyon, you can take the Metro 14 to Saint-Lazare. From Gare d'Austerlitz, one solution is to cross the bridge over the Seine to Gare de Lyon, enjoy the view, and take the Metro 14. You can also take the RER C, change at Invalides, take the Metro 13 in the direction Saint-Denis - Université, and stop at Saint-Lazare. Gare Montparnasse is also on line Metro 13 and you can reach Saint-Lazare by taking the line in the direction Saint-Denis - Université.

Some TGVs stop at the Massy TGV station, south of Paris. This new station is located a few meters from the Massy-Palaiseau station, which is on line RER B. From there, you can go north to Paris, and change at Châtelet for the Metro 14 with terminus at Saint-Lazare.

Trains from Paris to Deauville

Deauville is accessible from Gare Saint-Lazare by an intercité train. When arriving at the Gare, follow the signs Grandes Lignes [Train]. The destination station is called Trouville-Deauville. The travel time is generally around 2h (this is not a fast train, but take heart: improvements are planned and the trip should only take 1h20 in 2023). Booking a seat is not necessary on those trains. You only need a ticket, which you can buy on-line in advance or in the station just before boarding the train. The All tickets must be validated before boarding the train, using the strange yellow devices available in stations and on platforms.

Note that the line from Paris to Normandy splits at Lisieux and you may need a connection:

  • A few trains go all the way to Deauville. They stop at: Lisieux, Pont-L'Evêque, Trouville-Deauville. No connection is needed. You can reserve a seat, but this is not compulsory.
  • Other trains either have Lisieux as terminus or continue after Lisieux towards Caen. You must change at Lisieux and board a train to Trouville-Deauville. You may need to use the underground walkway and change platform at Lisieux. You can reserve a seat on the first train, but not on the second one. The connection is generally only 10 mn long and does not add much to the total travel time, so this is a perfectly reasonable solution. (If by mistake you find yourself in Caen, note that there is a bus from Caen to Deauville: line 20).

You can find a train schedule for the September-December 2012 season on the train station website. Here is also a local copy (PDF). The schedule is in French and not easy to read. I tried to summarize below the trains of interest for conference members. You can also visit the website for train schedules, to buy tickets and reserve seats (it now shows the correct schedules).

Notes. All the trains stop at Lisieux, but the following tables only show arrival and departure times at Lisieux when a connection is actually required. The tables were made by hand and may contain mistakes.

From Paris to Deauville

Sun 9. Sep.
Paris St-Lazare 7h05 8h45 11h45 14h45 17h45
Lisieux (arrival) - - 13h24 16h24 19h24
Lisieux (departure) - - 13h35 16h35 19h35
Trouville-Deauville 8h50 10h47 13h57 16h58 19h55
Mon. 10 - Thu. 13 Sep.
Paris St-Lazare 6h45 7h45 8h45 11h45 13h45 16h45 17h45 19h10
Lisieux (arrival) 8h24 - 10h24 - 15h24 18h24 19h24 -
Lisieux (departure) 8h35 - 10h34 - 15h35 18h35 19h35 -
Trouville-Deauville 8h57 9h48 10h56 13h47 15h57 18h57 19h55 21h10
Fri. 14 Sep.
Paris St-Lazare 6h45 7h45 8h45 11h45 13h45 14h10 15h45 16h45 17h45 19h10
Lisieux (arrival) 8h24 - 10h24 - 15h24 15h51 - 18h24 19h24 -
Lisieux (departure) 8h35 - 10h34 - 15h35 16h35 - 18h35 19h35 -
Trouville-Deauville 8h57 9h48 10h56 13h47 15h57 16h56 17h46 18h57 19h55 21h10

From Deauville to Paris

Mon. 10 - Thu. 13 Sep.
Trouville-Deauville 5h44 7h12 10h04 11h11 14h04 17h04 19h11 20h17
Lisieux (arrival) 6h26 - 10h26 - 14h26 17h26 - 20h39
Lisieux (departure) 6h36 - 10h36 - 14h35 17h35 - 20h49
Paris St-Lazare 8h18 9h18 12h16 13h16 16h16 19h16 21h16 22h16
Fri. 14 Sep.
Trouville-Deauville 5h44 7h12 10h04 11h11 13h02 14h04 17h02 19h11 20h17
Lisieux (arrival) 6h26 - 10h26 - 13h24 14h26 17h24 - 20h39
Lisieux (departure) 6h36 - 10h36 - 13h31 14h35 17h35 - 20h49
Paris St-Lazare 8h18 9h18 12h16 13h16 15h16 16h16 19h16 21h16 22h16
Sat. 15 Sep.
Trouville-Deauville 7h00 10h04 13h04 16h04 17h04 18h11
Lisieux (arrival) 7h22 10h24 13h26 16h26 17h26 -
Lisieux (departure) 8h10 10h36 13h36 16h35 17h35 -
Paris St-Lazare 9h57 12h16 15h16 18h16 19h16 20h16

Traveling in Deauville

Deauville is not a large city, and most places can be reached by foot (including the train station, the conference site, the hotels and restaurants, the casino and the beach).

Nevertheless, if you stay at one of the few hotels down the Avenue de la République, you might want to go from the train station to your hotel by bus. The line 20, Le Havre-Honfleur-Deauville-Caen, stops at the train station (at one end of Avenue de la République) and goes down the Avenue to Tourgéville and further. It makes the following stops:

  • Deauville SNCF, the train station where you board the bus,
  • Deauville Art Station,
  • Deauville Église, near Le Patio Hotel,
  • Tourgéville, near Maeva Les Embruns.

The bus schedule is synchronised with the train schedule. Please consult the bus website for more information. The travel time is very short (6mn to Tourgéville), but the bus continues all the way to Caen, so, do not miss your stop!

Conference Site

SAS and the affiliated workshops will take place at the Villa Le Cercle, 1 rue Le Marois.

The front portal on Bd. Eugene Cornuche will be closed; please use the door on rue Le Marois, on the side of the Villa, see Street View.

During the workshops, on September 10 and 14, lunch will take place at La Flambée, a restaurant at 5 mn from the Villa, 81 rue du Général Leclerc.

During SAS, on September 11, 12, and 13, lunch will take place at Le Brummel, a restaurant situated within the nearby Casino de Deauville. You can access it directly from the street on the side of the Casino in rue Edmond Blanc, or enter the Casino through the main revolving doors and go directly to your right (before the large stairs).

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The Tourism Office has many useful information, including a tourist map (PDF). The train station is shown as number 22 in B4. The Villa Le Cercle is number 14 in A3.

Social Event

The social event consists in a trip to Honfleur, a beautiful port at 15 km from Deauville, which we will reach by coach.

You will have a few hours of free time to visit the town. Then, we will meet at Le Bistrot du Port for the social dinner. We will return to Deauville in the evening.

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Honfleur is famous for its wooden church Église Sainte-Catherine and its numerous art galleries. The Pont de Normandie, once the longest cable-stayed bridge in the world, bridges the Seine river and links Honfleur to Le Havre.

You can visit the Honfleur Tourism Office and the Honfleur Wikipedia page for more information on the city.

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